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Anti Microb 
Ensures effective and long-lasting protection against microorganisms present on everyday objects.
Antimicrobial effectiveness up to 99,99%
effective antimicrobial protection

Available in two options

antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial

How it works

AS-100 Anti Microb Tape has been designed to kill microorganisms quickly and permanently from frequently touched surfaces in public and work spaces. This invention is unique in the world and has a highly effective antimicrobial function (up to 99,99%).

Effective protection

The efficacy of AS-100 Tape has been tested and confirmed by independent laboratories against such
microorganisms as:


Anti Microb Tape

AS-100 Anti Microb Tape has a wide range of applications and is especially recommended to eliminate bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi which are commonly present on door handles, handrails, elevator buttons in hospitals, schools, hotels, shops, gyms or means of public transport, as an example. It provides extra support to standard hygiene procedures.

AS-100 Sheets

Dimensions 100mm x 200mm sheets (10pcs per box)
Box size 102 x 230 x 6mm
Weight 90g

AS-100 Rolls

Dimensions 100mm x 5m roll
Box size 94 x 94 x 102mm
Weight 220g


Anti Microb Tape

AS-100 Clear is a special version of AS-100 Anti Microb Tape available as an entirely transparent foil without printed images, in a bigger format to cover larger surfaces in one piece. AS-100 Clear is especially dedicated to touch screens, as it does not interfere with displayed content. It is also recommended for keypads of payment terminals, ATM machines or elevator button panels, for no visual distractions.

500mm x 5m rolls

Dimensions 500mm x 5m roll
Box size 95 x 95 x 505mm
Weight 1300g

Complementary markers (20pcs) provided in the box.

Efficiency under control


Make sure that your antimicrobial effect is valid through the whole operating period, which is at least 12 months for indoor use. Markers allow to control the service lifetime of AS-100 Tape applied on various surfaces.

Installation date markers

100mm x 200mm sheets (7pcs/sheet, 10sheets per box)
Box size 102 x 230 x 6mm
Weight 90g

information label

Make your guests feel safer

Information stickers would ensure your visitors that you have taken extra safety measures to protect your facility, against pathogenic microorganism.

Apply today for safer tomorrow!